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We have been automating operations in the corporate world since 1994 and now we bring enterprise quality automation to the world of sports clubs. Active members volunteer their time for your club so make it easy and appealing for them to do so.

pagebloom sports is a unqiue, revolutionary web tech that can be used to augment your existing website or host your whole website. You can leverage your investment in your existing great looking website by integrating smart, enterprise quality automation of the day to day operations of your club or if your current website is dated we can build and host a brand new one for you. 

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See our short videos on how each feature works

If you already have an awesome looking website then just focus on the videos that add club management features to your existing website by simply linking to pagebloom sports. The colour scheme of the management pages can be tailored to match any club colours.

Watch our quick two minute intro

pagebloom sports clubs provides hassle free, easy to maintain websites which work on large PC screens and small mobile devices.

Setting up is easy

Adding your whole club structure is as easy as a few clicks, from seasons all the way down to individual teams.

Each team gets its own team page

Team pages show news and match reports, the results of past games as well as upcoming matches.

Match reports are quick and easy

Match results and commentaries are automatically added to your online newsletter, no need to edit Word documents and PDFs manually.

Every team has their own news

Training cancelled? Or an upcoming match has moved to a different field? Each team has its own news area so you can keep players up to date.


Everyone in your club is a volunteer. They give their time freely so why not make it as efficient as possible by automating many of the day to day processes that committee members, coaches and managers need to perform.

pagebloom sports can do all this by integrating to your existing website.

Of course if you don't yet have a state of the art website we can also provide that.

Intergration with an existing website or replacement of an aging website - it's up to you.

Integration can happen within a matter of minutes and you will be able to start automating your processes straight away.

Pagebloom sports uses the latest in visual candy to make your sports club website visually appealing whilst still being intuitive and easy to use.


Team news - simple, easy communication between coaches, managers, players and parents/guardians. Send announcements, display game info, results, match reports.

All pagebloom pages are compatible with desktop screens, tablets and mobile.

Give exposure to your sponsors not random, innappropriate advertisers

Ensure that your sponsors are getting value for money. Give them high level exposure by encouraging your club members to spend time on web pages under your control.

Easy entry of match results

Coaches/manages find the match outcome form very easy to use. Simply enter the outcome of the match, including cancellation, forfeits etc.,
Each week all of the weekend's match results are accumulated onto a single page for easy submission to your association.

Automatic newsletter compilation - it's almost too easy!

Match result entry - coach/manager can enter results for later electronic submission to the association

Whether you need a whole new website or just need to automate the day to day operations of your club - pagebloom sports is the web technology that saves you time and money!

Take a look at these sports club websites hosted with pagebloom sports:
Hills Hawks
North Rocks Soccer Club

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Integration of pagebloom sports club automation with your existing website can be live within 1 day and at just $49/day!
Creation of a brand new website hosted on pagebloom sports can be done within 2 weeks.

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pagebloom is not just another web hosting service

pagebloom for sports clubs is not just a static HTML hosting service - it's powered by high performance, robust, enterprise grade, quality software plaftorm that has been engineered by top Australian software developers to provide web experiences for companies as large as Australia Post to as small as your local soccer team.
pagebloom 'sports' leverages the robust, high performance pagebloom platform and adds features tailored to sporting clubs

pagebloom sports club sites provide dedicated team pages with

  • Match fixtures - past and future matches displayed
  • Match result entry - coach/manager can enter results for later electronic submission to the association
  • Match commentary - coach/manager can enter a commentary on each match which is automatically compiled into an online monthly newsletter - no more editing Word documents and generating and uploading PDF documents
  • Team news - facilitates communication between coaches, managers, players and parents/guardians.